Monday, January 19, 2009

Evil Cheerios Merchants

First dream was about being on the Fred bus with Ballard, and she dropped us off and gave us the wrong directions. We were walking around forever, trying to figure out where ballard parked his car. He griped at me, saying that I should know where all of the parking lots in downtown Fredericksburg are. I responded that I did, but realized that I was mixing it up with old town Ellicott city.

Second dream, I was in a classroom and my sister was there. We were listening to tapes of babies crying, they were supposed to sound all the same, but mine sounded different. That caused the teacher to be suspicious of me. She took out a map to a secret location. My sister said "Hey, that's right up route one."
We learn that some evil Cheerios merchants were trying to cheat our friend (who owned a grocery store) out of money. They were marketing a brand of cheerios that had brownies in it, and this would hurt sales of both normal cheerios and brownies. This could not happen. I got into a fight with my sister, ended up biting her. When I realized how stupid that was, I ran away, hoping Madeline wouldn't tell the parents and thinking I'd have to pay her to keep her from telling them. I hid in my grandfather's house, but he didn't realize I was there. I was in his computer room looking for books, he yelled "What's making all that noise?" and when he saw it was me he was surprised. I thought "damn, he'll report me to my father and I'll be so doomed." I went back to the classroom, and negotiated some with my sister. Then I woke up.

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