Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This dream means I want to go back to school, I want another babysitting job, and I feel guilty for not going to church.

I was moving back into school. No, we were in the car moving back into school. Then we were in this crowded basement, filled with kids both college age and younger. The college age ones were moving into their rooms, but they didn't look like dorm rooms anymore. They looked more like the sunday school rooms in the basement of our church. I was looking for Erin, I went up stairs and found myself in the church. A service was about to be held, and it was almost completely filled. I trotted up the aisle carefully and quietly, everyone was looking at me. My mother yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" from the choir loft. I went out the side door, down some stairs that aren't usually there, and I'm in some sort of daycare center, that looks like the burleigh manor middle school library combined with the Torpedo Factory. Mrs. Dale is there, with her kids. I'm suddenly working for the daycare. As we walk up a flight of stairs, several of the kids look at a table on the side with a sad-looking piece of clear rubber on it, and they say to Angela "When will we get another goldfish?" Angela looks at me, and says "I don't know, they're a lot of work." I foolishly volunteer to take care of the inflatable fish tank. Angela leaves the crowd of kids in a room, and then I follow her over to a bookshelf in the corner of a room that looks suspiciously like the Dale's living room. She gives me a book with Charlie Brown on it, labelled "The Peanuts Guide to Buying Fish" and asks me to look at prices and see if my parents would pay for a new tank for the children, plus all of the necessary tools.
I take this with me in the car. We're driving to the school again.
Once again I end up in this strange basement, with larger rooms and an insane amount of people. This time I'm looking for Meredith. I go into a room that I supposed was ours, but instead of a room I end up on a sort of covered walkway. There's a beach outside, past the wicker railing, which is covered in climatis vines. I'm told somehow that my apartment is on the left a ways. I walk in that direction, through several gardens, past people I know but don't know. I never get to the apartment, one of the people (I'm pretty sure it was my RA) tells me I've passed it. I laugh at myself. As I'm heading back to my room, I'm greeted by several of the people I'd passed before. Now suddenly I'm inside, the beach is now a solid wall, and the apartments are now little rooms. I look a bit closer, and they are padded cells, with sleeping bags in them. I find my parents, and ask them about the fishtank, and then I wake up.

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