Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice and snow

My family is hosting a big fancy dinner with the Ballards. I am irritated that I have to sit at the "kid table", so there is a bit of an argument. We end up in separate rooms, I'm pouting, they're watching a Disney movie on a huge flat-screen TV. The movie opens with colored-pencil drawings of American Indians, a lot of text on the screen and a voice reading the text. It changes to this snow-covered hill in the middle of an ice storm. Suddenly I am on the top of that mountain, just outside a cabin, and I'm being instructed by a king to go down the mountain and trek across that barren wasteland of ice. He has this evil female advisor who wears pink makeup, and she is out to get me. On her advice he sends me on this journey, but at the last minute he kicks her down the side of the hill as well.
I go into the cabin and prepare for my journey. My father advises me to dress warmly, but since I'm so tough, I decide all I need is my blue fleece and padded vest. I look down the first hill and see all kinds of junk scattered around. Suddenly it's like a video game. I'm reminded of Sonic. I have to get on a sled and slide down this hill, collecting all of the items. So I do. I miss a few, and at the bottom of this first hill I find my aunt, who tells me to look through the pile of items. In this pile I find a small pocket knife that wouldn't cut paper, an old jewelry box containing an arrowhead, and a bag of chocolate coins. I take these with me. The next hill has me stopping next to this huge cliff of ice which I will have to climb down, but just as I'm about to do that I'm pulled back through the television and into the room where I was. The voice is talking about Indians again, and my father has taken the video out of the VCR.
Next I'm at a computer, reading a story Erin has written (which somehow changes into a published book after two or three paragraphs). The story she's written is just about identical to the movie, even beginning with sketches of Indians and segueing to an icy mountain and a king. I look on the inside cover, and it says "Published in Ellicott City". I am about to ask her where she got it published, but I wake up.

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