Saturday, April 4, 2009


There is a beach outside of the Randolph back door instead of a hill, and for some reason Erin decided we should recruit Matt to help us carry 10-gallon tanks of seawater into our dorm. As we do this, we discuss music. Specifically, we discuss Ben Folds. Matt has never heard of him, OF COURSE, and doesn't understand how someone that old could get away with playing to a college crowd. I explain that he's a very good showman.
Then I'm in the car with my parents, trying to find a party of people, we're supposed to go on a tour. We get completely lost and have to call a family member. After driving along some mountains and through some fields (it looked a little like SWVA) we reach the rest of our party members.
We get into one of those touristy street cars that are supposed to look old, and we're driving around twisty roads on mountains and stuff. All of my family from last night is there, and so are Meredith and Mary Katy. The man driving the street car (it's being driven like a bus) is also our tour guide. We pass this city that is absolutely huge, I'd say coruscant huge but we're looking at it from a mountain. One part of the city, the closest part to us, is invisible behind a white and smoky fog. Suddenly I'm in the room with Echo at the dollhouse, actually still Caroline, being interviewed by Dewitt for a job as a doll. Caroline is smoking (very out-of-character for her hippiness) and asks "So where are we? Where is this cloud city?" Dewitt replies that it's impossible to find the dollhouse because the part of the city it is in is inside a cloud of fog, every building is a secret business and it is impossible to navigate.
I'm back in the street car, on the same ridge, still driving along. Conway leans over and says "You'll really like this next part, here's the song we're going to sing." Did I mention that the tour was a sing-along? We're given a creepy Scottish song, because the next part of the tour is very scary. A tunnel of trees and shadows. This freaks Meredith and MK out because of the Doctor Who episode they watched. I tell them to stop and they miraculously do. We start singing the Mob Song from Beauty and the Beast (which I now have in my head, since I must wake up with a song in my head.) My parents say "Shush, we have to sing this song now."
We're going over a hill, and I can see the tunnel the driver was talking about, it's all dark and foreboding, I'm still going "Through the mist, through the woods, through the darkness and the shadows" but MK tells me to stop, as she is still terrified.
I'm not terrified, but then the bus driver shouts "HANG ON" and the street car is suddenly dropped, we're going down a really steep hill but it's roller-coaster-steep, and there are no restraints in this old-fashioned PoS. I fall out, start heading towards the ground front-first, towards a spire that appeared out of nowhere. NOW I'm terrified.
I wake up suddenly, still feeling like I'm falling, with my heart racing. I think that's the first time I've been awakened by sudden death game over. I've been wounded multiple times in my dreams but the sensation of falling woke me up.

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