Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cults and boobies.

I was in this hallmark store, or something similar that sold kitchy gifts. I was looking at this rack of lego displays, legos that were studded with diamonds and were arranged as the characters of different movies. Erin was there too. There was this mother and her spoiled-brat son on one side of the store. The boy came up to me and kicked me, so I smacked him. Then it changed and I was in our dorm room and the boy was there because I was babysitting him. I was very annoyed. I had to keep him out of my closet, and Erin was laughing at my attempts. The mother came back and admonished me for smacking him, and I was like "He totally deserved it!"
The dream changed, the mother and son were still there, but the son was older and not as bratty, and Erin had changed into Meredith. We were in a different house altogether. I looked out and saw a village and wanted to go check it out, but the woman and her son told me no, the people who went there never came back. I went outside anyway. The house was in this very VERY green field, and the village was down the hill. It looked like the plans for Eagle Village, all square brick buildings and this large glass tunnel overhead from one side of the place to the other. I followed Meredith over to this one house that seemed very out-of-place. It looked like it belonged in Old Town Ellicott City. I looked inside, and was met by this fat woman in a fancy dress that looked like it belonged in a western, except it was gray and boring. My shirt was bright yellow. The woman welcomed me to this house, which was home to a cult of some sort. Right inside the door was a staircase that looked like the ones in Pollard/Melchers. The rules were: No running, no loud speaking, no loud coughing, no swearing, no girls speaking to boys, and girls were not allowed to read. There was a crowd behind us of people that lived in this house.
I turned to look at Meredith and yelled "FUCK THIS STUPIDITY." and ran down the stairs coughing very loudly. The fat woman was outraged and said told her minions to find us, but Meredith it turned out knew this building like the back of her hand, because it was Melchers, and we were able to get outside without being caught. We ran across a street and down a hill (it actually looked like the side-exit of Jepson, but without the trees and a lot greener) before we realized we were being chased by ninjas. They were saying "You cannot run! No one can leave lest they reveal our secrets!"
Then I woke up, determined to remember this dream. I typed some keywords into my phone, decided 7:30 was too early, and went back to sleep.
I had a dream that I was looking for a pad of paper to write this dream down. I was in room 108, and I walked through the bathroom to our room, but instead of our usual furnishings it was completely bare, except for a large fireplace directly to the left of the bathroom door. On the mantle was a pad and pen, the pad my mother bought me at the Louvre and a bright blue gel pen. I began writing down my dream, but my back started to hurt, and my breasts started getting really heavy. I decided it was the pajama shirt, so I took it off completely and prayed that Erin didn't enter with me completely topless and braless.
Then I woke up at 8:30, luckily I still remembered both dreams.

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