Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby monkeys.

My father and I were on a bus/train/airplane/thing with a bunch of incoming freshmen and officials from my school. Meredith was there, but a few seats away. We were discussing move-out, and I was explaining that I couldn't take all of my possessions on the train, we had to go back in a car and get my piano, refrigerator, and printer. This infuriated my father.
Then we started watching a movie, it looked like film of a battle fought by baby monkeys. This was somehow informational about the school. My dad was like "So did you know that about Mary Wash?" I didn't, and neither did Meredith. I blew my nose. Some old guy came through the aisles and told me to throw away my trash in the garbage can at my feet.
There was more on the topic of the school. Which then became a summer camp that I had applied for a job at. And then Meredith and I had to save a baby monkey from certain death. And then my alarm rang.

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