Monday, April 6, 2009

How very odd.

I was in this grassy area, filled with cars, and it was raining paper notes. There was a radio playing through a loudspeaker, saying ridiculous things like "Robert Downey Junior has caused the suicide of Matt Lauer after Hugh Jackman refused to play Wolverine on the Daily Show." I picked up some of the paper, it had an address on it. I went to the place, which looked like a small elementary school. The inside of the building was covered in blue padding, sort of like gymnastic pads. I went into this large gymnasium with some tables in it, where a man in white told me to put on my pajamas and go to bed. I did. I was already wearing my striped top, because of my sunburn, but I couldn't find any pants. I went back the way I came, except instead of the padded blue halls it was suddenly white, looking kind of like a dorm hallway except almost antiseptically clean. I poked my head into every room. Each one had people in it, older than me, having sex. Some offered to include me, but I declined. One of the rooms mocked me mercilessly after I said no, which sent me back to the gymnasium, pantsless. The man in white told me that I needed to get a jewel from this girl. Sort of reminded me of Flushed Away, even in the dream. I exited the building from the back, and saw this expanse of grass with white pillars sticking out of it, like a graveyard, except I found out later that they were the ruins of a civilization. There were jaguars prowling among the columns, one of them stopped to look at me. I saw a man and a woman walking in the field as well, but I didn't stop to talk. I went past that area, and I found what I was looking for. The girl had bought a lighthouse with the jewel, where she was housing all of her family. Again, Flushed Away. I went into the lighthouse, sat at the bar and demanded the jewel. She explained that she couldn't give it up, because she and her family were a resistance against the robots. I was like "What robots?" and she took me upstairs. There was a room with the same blue padding as the other building, and a similar table, and a different man in white, but this man was the girl's father. He was dismantling a round flying robot, that looked rather like the torturebot from Episode 4. He told me that there were dozens of them, and other kinds of robots, buzzing around and controlling the population, and that the source of them was the school that I had left. I noticed a pile of paper blowing out of his window. He handed me a sheet and told me to go to the field of pillars and talk to the guy there.
I went back and begged for the jewel once more, but the girl said "No! Can't you see I need it?!" and I left. As I left I read the paper the father had given me, and suddenly everything went sepiatone. I went to the field to talk to the guy, but was accosted by the flying robots. They laughed about the civilization they had destroyed (the white pillars) but then a jaguar attacked them and they stopped hovering.
Then I woke up and OW my sunburn.

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