Friday, April 3, 2009

Turns out past Oella in old town Ellicott City, there's a castle with a waterfall/river, and people go swimming in it. We went to visit someone who had a house there. I had that shitty romance novel with me, for some reason, and I dropped it in the river. I look at a map, confirmed with my mother that this was the Cester river (it doesn't exist, at least not near me) and swam after it, but I soon found out we were swimming above the waterfall, as I almost fell down it. And it was a Pocahontas-type waterfall. I was concerned that my book had floated this far and gone down the waterfall. I looked at the map again and noticed that a few feet behind me was a branch off into this little stone platform attached to the castle, and a bunch of old ladies and their husbands were sitting in there. They had caught the book. I went in to get it from them, but they were enjoying reading from it. I have no idea why I wanted it back so badly.
Dream changes, I suddenly am imprisoned with this family. They have a full kitchen behind these bars, the square they are confined to is about the size of our quad. The father is cooking pancakes, and it is Christmas. The cell next to them has a family of jerks in it. When the mail comes, the father of that family laughs at us and says "Pancakes for Christmas dinner? We've got a roast! And I've just won a trip to the Cester river!" I try to explain that it doesn't actually exist, but then I wake up.

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