Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does this SATISFY YOU, Ms. "You need to have more interesting dreams!"

I was at home. My parents were showing me this chart of the St. Peter's basement and questioning me about Adventure Bible School. I pointed to the different areas and tried to convince my father that I was not active in planning the school, I just supervised the transitions to activities.
Meredith was in my house. DUH DUH DUHN. I'd convinced her to read Sluggy Freelance (you want an archive binge, I'LL give you your fecking archive binge, that's the first webcomic and it's been going since 1997). Meredith got to Game Called On Account of Naked Chick, when Torg finds Oasis in a pond. We went out to this pond/lake/swamp with a camp of people looking for Oasis. We are there to witness the explosion of Dr. Steve's lab and Torg running away. I step in the water accidentaly, and get a leech stuck to my ankle. I don't notice it for a while, but then I feel a pain down there and when I pull it off there's this thin protrusion of skin, like a flesh toothpick, sticking out of my ankle. Some random guy gives me a bandage to put on it, and it magically feels better and doesn't freak me out.
We go back to our "house", and by that I mean we stop at this mall/bar place that looks like union station. My parents meet the Ballards there and they go off to talk and drink. I'm sitting at a smoothie bar with Meredith, Oasis and my sister. My sister and I aren't fond of Oasis, because she's the main cause of Sluggy Freelance's Kudzu plottedness, and because she attacks Zoe. I ask Meredith to what point she's gotten in the comic, and she's made it all the way to Kiki's Virus, the Y2K matrix arc. In order to not spoil it, I say nothing to Oasis about her later actions, and Meredith doesn't understand why we dislike her. Of course, for some strange reason Oasis is not trying to kill us or get information about Torg, so she's obviously not very in-character.
I'm in my closet looking for my blue short pajama pants, 'cause it's getting to hot to wear these sweat pants. I find the striped shirt that goes with them, but I'm distracted by a loud clicking. I look around and see a large spider, a fecking HUGE spider, walking across the floor. He's so big his legs click as he walks. I'm freaked, I take a shoe and hit the thing with it, it bounces off of him. He exits the closet. The closet is not in my dorm room, there is a queen-sized bed and a side table in this room. I grab Fool off the side table and squish the spider with it, he is so big that it's barely effective at first. Eventually I smush it with that disgusting bug-crushing sound. I lift the book up and am horrified to see that I've killed a child, no bigger than a doll. I've crushed her entirely, there is blood all over her clothes. I pick her up carefully and place her in the drawer of the side table. I need to get out of the house, before her parents come home. But then I remember that it isn't a problem, because I'm a death merchant, from A Dirty Job. I start looking for the glowy soul object. The inside of the drawer is glowing. I look inside it with dread, and see that the girl is actually a doll. She is still bloody and realistic-looking, but she is no bigger than a computer mouse, and only objects can be glowing with the souls of the deceased. But if she is the soul object, then who is deceased?
Then I wake up to Erin's alarm, turn over and fall asleep again.
I'm in the alternate reality, with Rose and the alternate Doctor. We're in a car, chasing from the ground a zeppilin containing the alternate Master. Rose's family has been kidnapped by the Master and he's running his evil plan, just with Rose instead of Martha, and he has real Doctor kidnapped while alternate Doctor (is there even an alternate Doctor? I doubt it.) fixes everything from the ground, somehow unnoticed.
Then I wake up and think "I need to remember these dreams for the fecking log."

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