Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bees. *sigh*

I noticed a post from Cobes on GITP, so I decided to ask him why he'd disappeared for so long. After several failed IMs and PMs, I found him in Seacobeck, computing. His computer started playing "Stille Nacht" from the Toten Hosen album. There was a bit of something about Lord Voldemort, and how Hermione should just cast Fiendfyre right next to the guy so that he caught on fire and died a little on the inside.
It was Christmas day, and I found myself in charge of a world-wide sing along. I had a video camera and a loudspeaker, and I was standing on the edge of North America. People were no longer the size of people, the land masses were much smaller. Airplanes could see crowds of people on the edges of the continents, all crowded around the Atlantic ocean. I was yelling, and everyone else was cheering.
I decided, if the Atlantic Ocean was this small, I should just hop over to Eltville and check it out. So I did. But it looked more metropolitan than I'd remembered. I landed on the banks of the Rhine river, and recognized where I was immediately. It was this little fenced in swamp area, that never was in the Eltville I knew, but I recognized it and tried to find my way to my house accordingly. I couldn't. I saw the big sign for Goolrick's Pharmacy from downtown F-burg, except it was in German. I passed little old ladies that seemed to recognize me and were like "You're the one who was in charge of the shouting, right?" I found my father and Mr. Ballard inside an apartment building. They confirmed that we were in Eltville. My father found it strange that I couldn't find my way around, and even more strange that I got here without a plane. I was like "Did you SEE how big the Atlantic is these days?" and he said "Of course, I was there." "Well, I was in charge of that thing!" I washed my hands, and commented to Mr. Ballard that it seems like just yesterday was Christmas and I was receiving my QY-100.

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