Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally I remembered my dream.

In the first dream, I was walking around campus at night with my ladies. We discovered a dance party going on in Woodard. Meredith and Erin went in, but I was not dressed for such an occasion and ran back to Bushnell, where I found no dresses suitable for the weather, only my summer dresses. Then I realized I hadn't turned the light on. When I did I found a dress, not a very pretty one, but a warmer one. So I put it on. I found Reece on the way to Great Hall and dragged him to the dance.
Next dream, I woke up in my bed at home. I exited my room and the house and found myself in a parking lot outside a rather creepy-looking building, all chrome and glass, and built like a modern art sculpture. Something out of science fiction. There was a pair of dudes and a chick, my age, lurking about outside this building. I asked them what it was. They said they didn't know, but we should break in and find out. We did, and found that it was some kind of futuristic laboratory where they performed horrible genetic experiments. We got caught by a guy I thought was one of the shadow people from John Dies At The End, and the facility reminded me of that as well, but he was just a creepy security guard with an astounding ability to remain unseen. He through a box at us. When it hit the floor it poofed and became a green mouse. A very malicious green mouse, I suppose, because we turned and ran. The mouse became a similarly vicious hare and chased us through a steel door. We were able to lock it out.
We snuck back out to the parking lot and saw two trucks. A truck containing very expensive equipment that was undoubtedly used for evil SCIENCE, and a truck that was filled with wine, with guys who looked like construction workers sampling it. My nameless partners in crime sent me out to get some wine, and I managed to convince the construction workers to give me some after a long talk about how I was stealing the truck anyway and beating one of them up. Then one of my new friends drove by in the expensive equipment truck, because I was just a distraction and they wanted to steal the other one.

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