Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was in this room filled with plants, a greenhouse-looking place. Not normal plants, but those wacky multi-colored Harry Potter fantasy plants. It had multiple rooms, like a Home Depot greenhouse. I walk walking among the aisles in one when I heard the sound of running in the other. Running on two feet. I looked up to check it out when suddenly two wolves burst through the door. I had no time to notice the incongruity, the wolves started chasing me up and down the aisles, snarling. I passed an orange-and-yellow-striped plant that tried to catch me and I tried to knock it back toward the wolves but failed. They chased me to the door that in a sensible hardware greenhouse would lead back into the store. But instead, it led to this canal in a tunnel, sort of like a sewer but luckily not a sewer. I fell in. The wolves disappeared when I went through the doorway, I didn't hear them leave but of course I was trying to swim. A fisherman-type guy in a yellow raincoat floated by on a tiny little fishing boat. As he passed me, he took the hood off of his coat, tossed it to me, and yelled back "It'll help you hide from the wolves!" I climbed up the side of the canal and put the hood on. It looked very silly, but I took his word for it and went back into the greenhouse. There was an area in the corner to my right and on the opposite side of the room where a cash register would be. That entire wall was glass and looked out to the other room. I went over there and sat on the chair behind the counter, looked over the trees on the other side of the wall to survey the other room. I saw the two wolves running through the aisles, up and down and up and down until they were right next to my window. They peered in, and I heard them talking.
"There's something on the other side of the glass."
"I don't see anything." said a more feminine voice.
"I can smell something."
I sat perfectly still, knowing that invisibility would accomplish very little if these wolves could smell me. They rounded the corner and looked right at where I was sitting. The female one looked at me and said "What is a deer doing here?"
"And why is it wearing such a ridiculous hat?"
I looked up at the hat, which had changed into a sombrero. I touched it. Doing so made me completely visible. Or at least look human, I suppose. The wolves looked at me in a surprised fashion. Then they started circling the chair I was on. The male one shapeshifted into a bear, and the female one into a gorilla, and then they attacked me. I fought them off for a bit using furniture and various carnivorous plants, but then the bear bit me. After it did it slowly turned into a human man. Or so it looked, but then I saw that he had fangs. Then I saw that I was growing a pair myself.
I decided to talk to them. "So, vampires?"
"Vampires changing into wolves I get, but bears? Gorillas?"
"Vampires can change into anything they've fed on in the past week." That was said by the female, who was in the middle of changing. She had a human-like face but still a gorilla body.
I didn't even think to ask them why they'd been feeding on animals like gorillas and bears. I just noticed that I was really hungry, and though she was half-animal she had a very bare neck. So I attacked her and bit her. After crying out she turned her head around in an improbable fashion and licked my cheek. Her spit was a sort of drug, like Red Court DF vampires, and I passed out. Which of course means I woke up.

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