Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Compsci 106

Too many of my dreams involve parties. I think it's just a convenient way to get together a large group of people.
So, we were assigned in Digital Storytelling to go to Jim Groom's party. We were told to get there a little early so we could be used as labor before other guests arrived. I was being shunned by the rest of my classmates, for reasons I can't remember, but I was allowed to bring a friend with me so I had Meredith to keep me company. The two of us were told to make dinner and drinks. To our dismay we were given nothing to cook with, and nothing to cook, we were just put in a room that looked like a daycare center from the amount of children's toys in there. Meredith opened a fridge and all we found were a variety of fruit juices. We found a red plastic bowl and sippy cups and made a makeshift punch set. I mixed up some "punch", set it on a table outside the room. Then I ordered a pizza.
Outside the room, my classmates had set tables and were watching a film. When I returned from an uneventful walk to pick up pizza, the entire bowl of juice was empty, and my CPSC106 class had been turned into zombies. I sniffed the bowl. It smelled like some sort of alcohol. Meredith and I took the pizza and left.


jimgroom said...

This dream blog is wild, and I can;t tell you just how telling this dream seems to me from the outside:

*exploited labor
*No direction

This is making me do some soul searching :)

D'Arcy Norman said...

An authentic Jim Groom Dream
Experience is incomplete without maniacal laughter and the pungent odour of cigarette smoke.