Monday, January 18, 2010


So in the first half of this dream I was on a trip with Mom's side of the family, for a change, and the Ballards. We were at this old rented house. Andrew played video games for the entire trip. I found this photo album that was empty except for a black-and-white picture of a house, and a newspaper clipping with a picture of two old guys. They were sitting at a table, the bald guy in the foreground was laughing, and the guy behind him with a rectangular face and big ears was making a sour face.
On this trip I kept losing the key to my room, which prompted my uncle Johnny to make me a new one to keep. I found that it could open most doors in the house. I opened one to what I'd assumed was the boiler room but was a bare closet, with nothing but a pile of blankets on the floor. I examined them and found a really strange egg. It was bigger than a chicken egg, about the size of a coffee cup, and it was purple in color. Purple with swirls of other colors, yellow and blue and green. When we left the house the next day, I put the photo album and the egg in my bag, with the egg wrapped up in one of the blankets. Andrew left his laptop there so he'd stop playing video games.
I was fascinated with the picture of the house, because I could swear I'd seen it before. I kept trying to think of where I'd seen it. The newspaper article told me nothing except that the two guys were failed politicians of some sort. And very rich. I was in the car with Mom and Andrew, and we followed the other cars into this city. There was a pyramid-shaped electronic billboard atop the first skyscraper we passed. It had a woman's face talking about getting a job with this company, never specifying what the business was. But what was interesting was that every so often, for a millisecond, my name and a picture of the egg would flash on the screen. This happened three times before we passed the skyscraper and I could no longer see it. But it was pyramid shaped, and all four triangular sides displayed this same woman.
So I had to investigate this company. I kept trying to think of where I'd seen the house in the picture, because I was sure the two were related. I suddenly remembered that there had been a party there, not a party I'd been to but one I'd remembered pretty clearly. Those men had been there, and in fact that picture was of them at this party. Someone had told a joke about, president Eisenhower or something completely random, and that's why the bald guy was laughing. The other man's expression was not one of disapproval but one that never left his face, ever. Hence why he failed at politics.
We continued driving through the city. I noted the lack of conversation in the car but didn't do anything about it, as I was busy looking out the windows for this house. And then I saw it, right there in this mystery city, looking out of place like Carl's house in Up! I yelled at them to stop the car, they did. Our entire caravan stopped, but only the occupants of my car came with me into the building, Mom and Andrew. Andrew was still grumbling about his laptop, and Mom was confused and kind of ticked off.
Through the front door of this building was a tavern. Then through a door next to the bar was a courtyard, and that's where the party was taking place. I could hear the noises of it, and walked right through the tavern, ignoring the waitress who'd stopped to help us at the "wait to be seated" sign. Upon walking through I saw a great crowd of nicely-dressed people, and right in the middle was the table with the exact scene from the photograph. The guy was laughing and everything. I noted the lack of pollution in this courtyard as compared to the rest of the city. Someone next to me snapped a picture. I opened my book and noticed that while in my photograph they were wearing old-fashioned clothes out of the '50s I suppose, everything was very modern, people had cell phones, and I heard the name "Obama" from the table rather than the "Eisenhower" I had recalled. None of them had aged.
I ran up to talk to the man with the square face, and the party disappeared. The men from the photo were the only two left. They introduced themselves, but I unfortunately don't recall their names. For the purpose of this blog the bald one's name is Jones and square-face is Smith. I showed them the photograph, and Smith's face got even angrier. "Where did you find that?!" he said. I told him, and he told me in a very authoritative and angry way to follow him, so I did. Mom and Andrew joined me, still sort of creepily non-participative.
I followed Smith into the house, and he led me upstairs. There were more and more stairs, they went as high as the skyscrapers outside. Smith and Jones led me to a conference room. We sat down, Smith banged his fist on the table and demanded the egg. I produced it, and he grabbed it and cried "Do you know what this is?!" I said no, I just thought it was pretty interesting. Then the egg started hatching.
The bird inside resembled a pigeon, but it was colored like the egg, purple with flashes of other colors. It wandered around the table like birds do, looking around. Smith told me he'd been looking for such an egg for a long time. Jones informed me that this building belonged to the company I'd seen advertised. Then as we watched, the eggshell re-formed around the bird. Smite told me that this could happen several times a day, and the bird was different each time. The egg hatched a second time, and the same bird came out. I saw no difference, but was assured that it was stronger or something, because each evolution was better. I told them evolution didn't work that way, and they cited pokemon. Then Smith started yelling loudly about how I'd stolen this and the photo album and should be arrested, and then turned into a pigeon and wandered into a corner. Mom and Andrew and I just sat there confused.

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