Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need a license and my own car, then.

I was in a car with my sister and Ralph. We were in a traffic jam. Madeline was driving, of course, but she decided that she was hungry. We were at a complete standstill, so she got out of the car and went to the ihop on the side of the road, leaving me to take care of Ralph. I found that she'd dumped a lot of change in the back of her car, so I took some of that as payment. Then the car started to roll forwards, as the cars in front and in back of me started moving. I was like, someone should be driving this car. So I jumped up to the front seat. Ralph tried to, but I made him stay in the back. I was very uncomfortable, so I pulled the car off of the road, into the grass, and walked Ralph around a bit. I went back to the car after a while to find the car being stolen by two 15-year-old girls. I shooed them away. Then some guy came over and tried to steal the car, and I tried to stop him, but then I recognized him as one of Madeline's friends. He told me that Madeline didn't trust me with her car. I told him she was wise not to and let him drive us back to the ihop.


Stark said...

Man why you gots to be stealin' my car? That ain't right!

Mauve Shirt said...

You got out of it while it was moving!