Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think we got the wrong house.

Ok, so. At my house. My parents were having some sort of party thing, I met a lot of new people. I'd had some argument with my father, but we'd made up, so he was being nice. Every room in our house seemed bigger. I'd invited Children of Time over to my house to watch videos, but mostly to give Liz her pillow. Titus and Meredith were of course in attendance, and over the course of the day we decided to take a trip to Titus' house (the representation of which is entirely outlandish and not at all what I imagine Titus' home being).
So we took a plane to Oregon. All of the stewardesses spoke Russian and no English. The guy next to me on the plane nattered on and on about recent acts of terrorism taken place on planes and it freaked us all out a bit. Then there was a bit of an acid sequence when we took out my video camera and had a dance party. We landed and drove over to a house that looked a lot like Judi & Harry's, but where their living room is was the kitchen, and the dining room was where the kitchen is. There were like 5 kids around, 2 pairs of parents, and the grandfather. The three of us ended up "assigned" to a kid or a pair of kids. I had to play hide-and-seek with the youngest two. When I tried to hide near where the second-youngest was hiding, she cried out "You can't hide there, you're far too big!" and went over to the door where the attic is. "Let me take some stuff out of here. "Some stuff" turned out to be her GIANT PET SNAKE. Seriously, as thick as Meredith, could wrap around our room in Randolph twice. It was orange, in case you were interested. And she was upset when it tried to devour her Jack Russel terrier. I was unafraid, and took out my camera thinking "Reece loves snakes, I should get a pic of this." But then the snake ate my camera.
We heard an unrelated fight scene below us. I went downstairs to find that the oldest child had punched Meredith and broken her jaw. All of the children were sent to their rooms. And locked in.
Then Titus, Meredith and I joined the adults in their conversation. The grandfather burst in with an old guy who looked like a church official and yelled at us to not eat the food, it's all been poisoned. SO, we didn't. I lurked around the kitchen anyway, and heard the two older men talking about how the recent terrorism attack and assassination attempts and the poisoned food were all part of someone's attempted coup on the Council of Wizards.

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