Monday, August 24, 2009

God, I hope this isn't my father's reaction.

Reece was able to visit before October. We met at a restaurant in Ellicott City. My parents were with me, and his parents. The conversation was skipped, I'd imagine 'cause I spent more time concentrating on the boy than what my parents were saying, but that part was ALSO skipped. >=/
We left the restaurant in two separate black vans. My parents were driving our van. In the back there was a green couch instead of seats, and a bunch of obnoxious boys (representing my sister's friends but I couldn't specify which was which) were fighting over it. I looked around and the back of the van looked like a tropical rainforest theme restaurant, with weird trees and animals mingled with tables. These were all filled, and a woman was standing on one and talking about how since the last time this group had met they'd lost 3 members in a fight. I asked what the fight was about and they all turned at me and scowled, 'cause I was an outsider, and I saw they were all wearing masks. One guy who apparently didn't realize that shouted "Don't you remember Gary? He was our finest member!" and held up I guess a mask that must have belonged to him.
We got out of the van, the cult people had changed back into obnoxious boys, who ran up the stairs into my parents' room and started playing D&D and other things my parents disapprove of. I sat there on my laptop and ignored them. My father came into the room and yelled that he needed to speak to me. I went out to the hall with him and my dad started talking about Reece, and how disappointing he was, how his financial and educational situation was beneath us. Politics must have not come up. I was shocked and started saying that wasn't relevant when Reece's mother came up the stairs and did the work for me. Then my dad told her I wasn't responsible or mature enough to handle a long distance relationship and offered the example of me allowing my friends into their room to play D&D. I was like "MY FRIENDS?! Those are Madeline's!" but my dad didn't accept that excuse and continued ranting. I was sad. I went down to apologize to Reece.

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LordBlace said...

I don't think it will be, dearest. Also, I've decided to make my own blog-thing. =D Don't know what I'll do with it yet, though. Maybe just write stuff down. Thoughts, etc.
Anywho! -Smooches.- <3