Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shame I don't remember more.

I was playing some video game. That's a lie, I was a character in a video game. It involved beating up bad guys in a zeppelin (gee, wonder where that came from). I don't remember too much about it except it was being narrated in my head by James Marsters, and some move pulled off by two people. An Asian chick slit the throat of a guy but he didn't die so then a ridiculously skinny guy kicked his head off. Everyone was killing people left and right except for one guy who was just standing at the side, looking out the window and smoking. I was like "HEY, help us!" and he said "You know we're all just characters in the video game of life?" and I was like "Well duh." It was interesting.
Then that changed into something straight out of Up, with Doug and Kevin and running away from mean dogs. Except we had laser cannons. And there were dinosaurs.
I don't remember the rest.

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