Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School starts soon.

The class buildings at UMW now looked like my high school, except it was double-floored like my middle school with a similar library. The class rooms were pretty much bare of character, all looking like grade school classrooms instead of 100-year-old UMW classrooms.
I looked at my schedule, and saw I had all-new classes. Meredith was in the first one, which was an "art class". We played with Sculpy and colored. In the next room over, if you wanted, you could do some serious ceramics and stuff, but I was satisfied to play with Sculpy.
The bell rang and I exited the classroom into an emergency stairwell with students running up and down it. I had no idea where my next class was. The room number was 2D. I took that to mean second floor room D, but I didn't know which floor I was on. I went down the stairs and opened the door to find myself in the library, a large courtyard-ish room, with a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. I went up the spiral staircase, past some secretaries and desk that looked like they had no purpose, into room 2D. It looked exactly like my high school biology room. A screen was down in the front and they were watching this old black-and-white film. Our job was to count all of the numbers that appeared on the screen throughout the film, and add them all up. I sat down where I sat in 2nd year biology. It was then that I realized I'd left my shoe in the other classroom.
There was no way to access the first classroom without going up and down the stairs, despite them being supposedly on the same floor. On the spiral staircase I met Meredith and Erin, who were like "Why are you walking around with one bare foot?" I explained that I'd for some reason left my shoe in "art" class. Meredith followed me back to the room. I noticed a lot of people wearing one shoe. I pointed this out to her, she muttered something about germs. We arrived at the classroom and inside was Ms. Collins, my high school art teacher, and Kincaid, a vampire hunter from the Dresden Files. They were talking about me.
I woke up/can't remember the rest.

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