Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love my roommate!

Ok, so my mom and I were driving me back to school. In a speed boat. Then we almost ran into a giant battleship, and there was a boat race.
Then the same thing happened, except more sensibly with our car and a giant truck.
But then we were back home, sitting on the couch. Mom wanted Erin's number so that we could call and find out when she was going to head back. I couldn't remember it off the top of my head, but I kept reciting numbers until I had the thought "Hey, I could just read it out from my cell phone." I did that.
We were in a small plane next to get me to school, flying directly above Erin's car. I called her on her phone and asked her when she was going to arrive at the school. Then I parachuted down into through her car's sunroof. Her parents were unfazed, but Erin was surprised. I went the rest of the way with them. We arrived at our dorm room, but it was more like an apartment. Walk in, there was a round table, to it's left was a kitchen with an island, and through another door to a living room. On the other side of the table was the sleeping room. We were talking in the kitchen as our parents unpacked the cars. Erin told me about this movie she was making that had a tiger and a dragon and some chick and showed me what she'd done for it. Then she said we could turn this into a play and perform it this semester! I sort of nodded my head and went along with it, but I noticed that my parents were going through my stuff and saying things like "Why on earth did she bring this?!" so I ran over and explained each thing to them. I showed Erin the pink folder I have that holds everything from last year's door collage. Erin was pleased.

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