Sunday, August 16, 2009

A wheelchair. Made of napkins.

So, it was Monday the 24th, first day of classes. Except I was here, at my house. I had to get on a bus to Fredericksburg. But I accidentally went to the wrong bus stop and got on the bus to Centennial instead. I called my mother when I got to the school and told her what happened. She got frustrated because she was on her way to work but now she had to pick me up at Centennial and drive me all the way down to UMW. But first she needed to buy me a wheelchair, because I was sick. The wheelchair she brought me was made of napkins with little lobsters on them, folded into the shape of a chair. She said she was having such a busy day at work, I can attend some high school classes. I'd probably learn something anyway, since I got such bad grades in high school. I went to a history class. My mother felt the need to walk me through this first day of school. She bought me lunch, took me to my classes, and helped me meet some super-young friends. Lunch was a sandwich that could fit in my palm, and an apple. Then I met my art teacher and yelled at her for a bit.

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