Thursday, November 26, 2009

Evil sorcerers in wooden houses.

First part, I had to help my father set up beach chairs far enough away from the water, but no matter how far away we set them they kept getting knocked down by waves.
Second part, I was in this strange house. It was really old. It was me and a nameless boy and a nameless chick. We were being held by this evil sorcerer guy, and we had to defeat him using our own magic powers, and THE INTERNET. We summoned this sea monster thing to distract him, it was like a hydra, but it attacked us as well so we had to navigate the maze-like house in order to escape while simultaneously chopping the monster's heads off. And the sorcerer was barely inconvenienced by the monster, he just zapped lightning at it. He was busy performing some ritual that involved our souls or something, but not too busy to catch us at every corner and keep us from escaping. We went up through the roof and into secret tunnels and everything, but we kept getting stopped by the monster we'd summoned and knocked back into the main hallway. The building was old, and the hallway was all dark wood, and off of the hallway was the sorcerer's main laboratory where he was performing this ritual. It had a cauldron and a lot of green smoke, but I was too busy fighting and running.
We found a laptop and went on the internet, and I entered the GITP AIM chat and asked for help. I was redirected to some "how to fight a hydra" website, and we used that to defeat the monster. Then after more secret tunnels, we were able to escape.

Then there was this picnic, at which I told that story. Then I had to explain to Squigley from Sinfest why it would be hard for me to get a job. I used an example involving my cell phone and a book to explain that I can't drive. Then I heard mom calling me to wake up, and I still don't know if that happened in real life or in dream world.

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