Monday, November 23, 2009

The concert will be good.

Erin and Mer and I were on the Fred going to Central Park. We passed by Hancock Fabrics and I complained that the bus never stopped there. The bus driver then turned into the shopping center, stopped in front of Hancock Fabrics and said something along the lines of "There, good enough for you? Get off." We got off and went in, though I didn't actually need anything. I ooo'd and aah'd over various crafty things for a while, then checked the time and saw I was late for my TMBG concert!
It was now being held in the basement of Monroe. I met Ben there, he was thoroughly unimpressed with the show and was like "I had to spend $35 on this?" I wondered what his problem was, as I enjoyed the music that they were playing. Not all of the songs were good. And when they had a karaoke contest, I wasn't picked to go up, which stressed me greatly. So the concert was disappointing, Ben wanted his money back, and though I was intending to get a t-shirt before we left, they weren't selling them.

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