Saturday, November 14, 2009

I woke up 3 times!

First dream, I'd just gotten off an airplane in Texas. I met Reece, we went on a date, kissed for a long time.
I woke up for real, thinking "Weee, can't wait to tell Reece about that dream!" Tossed and turned for a bit, got back to sleep.
I "woke up". Again thinking about telling Reece about my dream. It wasn't late enough though. I looked around and found myself in a daycare-center-looking place, with rubber pads on a carpeted floor and coloring books and toys everywhere. I was on a cot. Titus and Meredith were there, coloring. I was nervous about anyone finding out what I dreamed about, for some reason, but for some reason I told Titus. He did his characteristic "Woah, really?" Though that doesn't seem to apply to this situation much. :P Titus told Meredith, who nodded disinterestedly. I went over to a nearby computer to check my emails. A random playgrounder who I'd never encountered entered the gitp chat, and then started messaging me outside of it. Asking if I'd had any weird dreams lately. I linked her to this blog, and she was like "Cool, did you have any last night?" I said "No."
I "woke up" again, thinking "That was weird. Now I get to tell Reece about my dream!" But looking at the clock, I saw it was 3 AM, nowhere near time to wake Reece up. So I went for a walk instead. I wound up in a suburban neighborhood, near a house that looked like the Dales' place. I knocked, and a blond woman in a blue dress answered the door. I'd been hired to babysit. I went through the house to the garage to find the boy I was babysitting. There was a swingset in there, and the boy, who was about 5, was just sitting on a swing, stationary. The second swing was moving by itself. The boy was following the moving swing with his eyes. I thought about it for a second, and decided that there was a ghost child in that swing, that only the boy could see. Probably an incredibly angry child who couldn't stop swinging. So naturally I started making faces at it and insulting it. I then noticed a particularly fierce-looking Chow chained up behind the swing set. He started growling and barking at me. The boy just sat there and observed this scene. I exited the house through the garage, I didn't get paid or anything.
I "woke up" again. I checked the clock and saw that it was 10:17 AM. I found that Erin was already up. She asked where I'd been, despite the face that I clearly had just woken up I told her I went for a walk and I visited that haunted house. Erin was rather annoyed that I didn't take her. I sat down at my computer, hoping to get on AIM and finally tell Reece about my dream. It was still earlier than usual, but he was online. I was STILL nervous about Erin finding out what I'd dreamed about, but she was reading the computer screen over my shoulder. So I was just like, what the heck, and typed the message to Reece anyway.
Then I woke up for real. I still have to tell Reece about my dream. :P

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