Monday, November 16, 2009

Though I had to take one for Tennis, so I wouldn't be TOO surprised.

First part, I was testing new toys. There was this thing that was like a combination of Gack and Legos. You built something out of these lego-like blocks, then you could throw it at things and it would go splat, or bounce, instead of falling apart. I built Cookie Monster.
There were more dreams before this one, but I don't recall them.
We were having a final for Weight Training. There were 10 short answer and an essay. @_@ The only short answer question I remember was "Write down what machines you use to work out. If you use any aerobics machines, what is the medical warning that appears on each one?" That one was easy enough. But then there was a question about the history of weight machines or something that no one knew. And this was a timed test. And we were in an Italian restaurant. There was garlic bread, and a lot of moaning about having to take a test.

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