Saturday, November 21, 2009

We should at least make cookies.

So, I was going to a movie at Cheapseats with Alice and Erin. They'd set up a little concession stand and with each ticket came a free drink and pretzel if we wanted them. I did, so I got in line, but I was the last to get anything and the film had already started. It was a film about evil cults.
Then I was selected to go with some FBI agents to infiltrate a commune filled with brainwashed people. We drove to this area that looked suspiciously like the Howard County fairgrounds, with a few small wooden houses. We barged into these places and interrogated some people, they all acted like those people from the 5th episode of Dollhouse, the one with the commune.
Curses, that's all I remember. Except I woke up with the notion that we should make sugar cookies in the shape of mobius strips.

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