Sunday, November 22, 2009

Does anyone remember pogs?

I was at some kind of meeting thing, in the back row of an auditorium sitting next to some kid, like 7 years of age, and his grandmother. This kid wanted to enter the Pogs championships and needed a half-dollar (he kept calling it a 50-cents pog) to do so. He kept asking people if they had half-dollars, but no one carries those anymore, so no one did. I gave him 2 quarters and asked if they people running the tournament would just accept 50 cents. He said "NO" in an obstinate 7-year-old way. I suggested that he go out into the mall (for this auditorium was in a mall) with 50 cents and see if any stores could change it. When he refused, I took my two quarters and went out to see if any stores had half-dollars. I met Meredith outside.
The mall looked more like a hardware store, a huge open building with aisles of kiosks. One aisle had rooms, like hotel rooms, that people could rent by the year and use as a store if they liked. I'd rented one and all of my stuff was in it. It had a bed, a small kitchenette, a few tables and a cash register. My purse was sitting on the counter, I looked in it for a half dollar and couldn't find one. Went out into the mall with Meredith to find a store. Kept passing ice cream stores and thinking "I reeeeally want ice cream but that would make me look like a pig." After not finding any stores, I wanted to go back to my little room, get my coat and return to campus. But I couldn't find my little room. I walked up and down the ENORMOUS aisle where there were people setting up their little rooms, which were open to the aisle like a mall kiosk, they weren't private at all. They were stacked on top of each other, with a ladder on each side of the opening to the room. None of them were mine. Mine had been on the floor when I was there earlier, but it wasn't anymore, and it was impossible to check the highest rooms from the ground looking up. I asked a guy if I could see the directory, but he said no, that's classified. I angrily commented on how stupid that was. Meredith made a comment about how she was getting negative vibes.
Then I woke up.

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