Monday, November 30, 2009

French people.

Gah, only remember bits and pieces.
First part, everything was on fire. Because Andrew was snoring.
I was meeting some girl, not Stephanie, for a group project. We met in the center of campus, at the fountain, but the campus looked different. It was greener, there were more trees, and the entire thing was stretched. As if the campus was on a circle, and someone pulled on opposite ends of the circle. So I met this chick at the fountain, and we went to the Nest, where they were serving chicken that cost $100. This was outrageous, so I went back to the dorm to publish some photos. Bushnell looked like a castle, except it was stretched out like the rest of campus. Instead of getting the necessary photos, I drew an M.C. Escher-esque drawing of interlocked rings.
Next I went to this fancy restaurant, on a boat, with Meredith, Erin, some teenage boy and some foreign chick. A French guy was serving us cookies. He was very concerned that we each need to get at least one of each cookie. There were sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, and ginger snaps the size of pennies. He babbled with the foreign chick in French. The boy didn't talk much, but he said French Waiter Guy was speaking with a funky accent. Foreign Chick thought it was cute. He then told us that we had to investigate some mobsters. So we all put on disguises and met on the deck of the boat. A bunch of guys in trench coats were there. Foreign chick recognized them as the ones who kidnapped her husband and started crying silently. One of them noticed, and recognized her. He laughed and pushed one of the trench coat guys so he fell over. It was actually her husband's corpse inside it. It had been lacerated, little thin cuts all over his body, and then they'd dunked him in a lemon-juice-like substance and asked him questions. The corpse's head was covered, so I pulled the cover off and saw it was the boy from the restaurant. He opened his eyes and with a cry of pain pulled out a gun and shot the head mobster. A fight erupted, during which Foreign Chick carried the boy down to the restaurant.
The rest of us followed, and we met Mary Katy at our table. She had my laptop and was delightedly showing me that she'd put my M.C. Escher drawing on Deviantart. I was pretty pleased. French Waiter Guy saw it and gave me an extra cookie.

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