Friday, November 27, 2009

Hugh Jackman, on a flying bear with a spiked club.

I was walking to pollard to do my music theory project. I'd decided it would be easier to compose it on my sequencer than to compose it in finale, so I wanted to ask Naylor about it. He said it was fine. After messing with Finale for a bit in the music lab, I head back to my room. We're not living in Bushnell anymore. Our room is HUGE, with high ceilings and two giant windows opening to the sun. There're two beds that are like old hospital beds. The room actually looks like a room from an old hospital. We have a closet full of new clothes, a closet about the size of our room in Bushnell. Since all of the clothes are new, all four of us wanted to try them on. I had to wake up Meredith first, I woke her up by placing her in direct sunlight from our GIANT windows and removing her shoes. We tried on the clothes, I took a lot of pictures. We went outside to this sort of patio thing and met my family, including the Hensons and Orells. Mom started flipping through my pictures, which included one of Meredith sitting sleepily in her chair, some of the clothes, and a few of me in my bra which I hurriedly deleted. I went back inside to hear Matt explain to Erin that he'd stolen $8000 from her for her own financial benefit.
Wake up, check clock, go back to sleep.
Hugh Jackman was being chased by this Hagrid-sized Russian guy with a steel baseball bat. The landscape looked rather like the area around Paradise Falls in the movie Up. I don't know why he was being chased, but he decided he needed to fly, so he strapped a ton of balloons to some elephants and rode them through the air for a bit of distance. He gave up on that idea after a bit, and ran through the jungle some more, but even with the distance he'd gained by flying the giant Russian guy was right behind him. He jumped down into a cavern and found some grizzly bears. After a short negotiation with them, he strapped wings to them and gave them weapons. He flew on one to the top of the ravine, where the Russian guy was standing and looking down. And I love the next two lines.
"Is that a flying bear?"
"No. It's a flying bear with a spiked club. And I have about 16 of them. You should stop chasing me now."
And then I woke up.

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