Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not mine.

This dream is NOT MINE, but Boyfriend's. It is incredibly epic, so I'm putting it up here.

So, I was, for some reason or another, recruited to this elite squad whose sole task was to find and destroy Dracula. We chased him all over the world. We eventually got him onto a van. Or rather I managed to sneak on a van he was on. Anyways, it was day time, but the windows were heavily tinted. I managed to open the van's side door and force part of him out. Unfortunately vampires in my head don't just poof into dust. They burn really, really slowly. So the guys in another van that was chasing us pull out a turret and try to shoot at Dracula while he's burning. Something happens and the van crashes.
I "wake up" in the wreckage to my bones fixing themselves in an extremely painful way. Dracula had apparently made me a vampire, saying his reason was that he oh-so-enjoyed watching "heroes" fall. And then he lead me to a suburban area by saying, "Stop me, if you can!" The first thing he did was slaughter and drink the blood of two deer from a nearby woods and flung them in a very grotesque way into a man's trees. I could do nothing but cower behind a vehicle, realizing the whole van thing had simply been because he LET me do that. That this must all be part of some crazy plan.
But even though I was a vampire, I had retained my personality. And a new sudden realization was that the master vampire hunter of our squad (apparently akin to how famous Van Hellsing is) really just wanted Dracula to turn him into a vampire, and was fudging the turret shots on purpose. And Dracula knew this too. It's why he didn't fear the squad. But elite guy had already fallen, so it wouldn't be any fun to turn him. So then Dracula turned his attention to a rather nice large house across the street. He entered in, screams could be heard for almost a half hour before police arrived. Dracula had abandoned me to see what I would do. Hellsing arrived with the police. And it was only 20 or so minutes until dawn. They immediately saw the mangled and disfigured deer in the trees. One officer threw up. Then they saw me behind the vehicle parked on the side of the street. They began asking me questions, Hellsing immediately recognized what I was, but only eyed me. Sun rise was getting closer and closer. I said I was a night owl and that I really couldn't possibly answer any questions coherently right now. They insisted that it would only take a few minutes and started walking me to the big house.
Sunrise. It burned like an extremely intense sunburn, and it was getting worse. I could feel my skin burning away slowly. I ran for the house. Ran for the shade. The police followed, as did Hellsing. None of us, save Hellsing, were prepared to see what had happened to that family. Apparently they were having some party or something because there were a lot of mangled dead bodies. And a lot of blood. Dracula had apparently only drank a little from each of them, letting the rest spill on the floor or on furniture. It was a grotesque sight. The police freak out, one pulls a gun on me and shouts for the other to investigate.
I am being yelled at. Questions like, "How?!" and "Why did you do this?!" While he ignored my "It wasn't me!" He exclaimed how that everyone was dead and it was I who had committed such horror. As he said that, his partner could be heard saying "Not everyone is dead." in the most ghastly tone I have ever heard.
We went to see what he was talking about. In the room were three people stirring from onconsciousness. They each were impaled by many shallow little prongs, arranged in pairs and connected to wires that lead out of the window. The flashlights were waking the victims up. They saw the police and Hellsing and ran at them, half of the prongs being pulled out because the wires were too short to allow movement. I realized too late: Grounding wires. As the victims embraced their would-be heroes, it must've felt like being hugged by lightning.
A second later the house's power went dead, and 6 smoking corpses lay at my feet. I was horrified. Dracula stepped out of the shadows. I asked him why. He said because he wanted to show me what I am capable of, what I WILL do. I told him he failed, I kept my personality, that I would never do anything like that and that I will find a way to destroy him. He said, "Poor, simple boy. Every vampire keeps their mind. It is the slow workings of immortality that will drive you insane. And when that moment comes, I will be there to drink in the mayhem with you..." and then he was gone, disappeared in the same shadows he appeared in.

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